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Our work with AISL

FInd out how we provided AISL with an on-demand skills program for highschools. 
Writing on the Board

What did AISL need?

AISL brings the 450-year old heritage of UK’s Harrow School to China and Southeast Asia. Its family of schools combines tradition with innovation to imbibe their students with 21st century skills. They were looking for partners to set up a cutting-edge skills education curriculum and program. 

What solution did ProjectSet Provide?

 AISL subscribes to ProjectSet’s unique on-demand video programs on 21st century skills, based on accredited content. The solution was curated with Instruction Designers to engage the target audience effective through short (3-5 minute long), digestible, mobile-first videos that can be consumed anytime, anywhere. 

What was the outcome of this?

AISL is rolling out the videos across all its schools. Dr. Neelam Parmar, the Head of Digital Education, confirmed that the ProjectSet’s portfolio of short videos in a plug-and-play format offers a convenient and effective solution for schools like Harrow.

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