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Our work with AIU

Taking a national innovation challenge for university students to the next level

What did AIU need?

Association of Indian Universities (AIU) is an apex organisation of 1000 leading universities in India. AIU has been keen to take its flagship programme for students – Anveshan, a competition for STEM innovations by students of its member universities – to the next level to increase  scope, participation, transparency and efficiency. 

What solution did ProjectSet provide?

AIU subscribes to ProjectSet’s virtual project-based learning platform to “digitise” Anveshan. It preserves the three-stage format by providing every universities the set-up to run a challenge session and nominate the winners for the zonal rounds. The winners from the zonal rounds subsequently compete in the national round.

What was the outcome of this?

After a successful pilot (5x participants; 50% savings in resources) AIU is looking to take Anveshan global with ProjectSet. Dr. Pankaj Mittal, the Secretary General of AIU, commented that the ProjectSet platform is uniquely suited to run intra-university projects and competitions in an efficient and transparent way. Dr. Amarendra Pani, the National Convenor of Anveshan, commented that our long-term partnership with ProjectSet is a fundamental element of taking Anveshan to the next level.

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