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Our work with ASA

Find out how we helped ASA with plug-and-play solutions and a skills program for K-12 education 
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What did ASA need?

The American Student Assistance (“ASA”) launched a new strategy to support middle and high school learners – notably from underserved segments – in their career and skill development journeys. 

What solution did ProjectSet provide?

ASA subscribes to ProjectSet’s unique on-demand video and Masterclass assets to support their target users with 21st-century skills, based on accredited content. The solution was curated with Instruction Designers to effectively engage young, target audience with short (3-5 minute long), digestible videos for anytime, anywhere consumption. You can find out more about the new EvolveMe platform and its partners by clicking here.

What was the outcome of this?

ASA integrated ProjectSet’s video assets into its purpose-built digital platform (EvolveMe) designed to support middle- and high-school students, notably from disadvantaged communities. Mr. Lee Waldvogel, the Head of Strategic Partnerships at ASA stated that ProjectSet’s wide portfolio of assets for skill development convinced us to select them as the only non-US partner in the EvolveMe portfolio. 

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