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Hack 'N' Jam 2023

20th - 26th February 2023
Check out the week-long, virtual hackathon we call: 
Hack 'N' Jam!
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Participant information

We wanted to make our event as inclusive as possible, so for Hack 'N' Jam 2023, we hosted two phases of the event. The first phase, Hack 'n' Jam: Countdown week took place from Monday 20th February - Friday 24th February! This phase of the event was open to everyone, no matter the field of study or interest.


The second phase of this event was the Game Jam. This phase was aimed at students studying a course that facilitated game design in some capacity. This Jam took place over a 48-hour period! This took place from Friday 24th February - Sunday 26th February.

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About the event!

Hack ‘n’ Jam is a virtual, Week long, team-based event in which students studying areas such as Game Design and Art, Game Development, and Animation are invited to participate in a week of events hosted by guest speakers as well as take part in the final event, the Game jam.


Hack 'N' Jam 2023 had a specific goal of bringing students and game industry professionals together. The aim of the event was to allow students to network with speakers and learn about various topics surrounding game development. 

Countdown week (20th-24th February 2023): This was the run-up week to the game jam. This week consisted of a multitude of events from guests, which included events such as: skills workshops, Q&A’s, talks and more! This countdown week was open to anyone that has an interest in gaming or the tech industry! 


Game jam (24th-26th February 2023): This was the main event of our hackathon. Teams were given the choice of multiple secret challenges to pick from, provided by ProjectsSet. Participants then had just 48 hours to create a game that would be judged by a panel of industry professionals. Participants gained a certificate as well as winners got to pick from a list of prizes!

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Hack 'N' Jam 23: Guest speakers

Here are the speakers from Hack 'N' Jam 2023!

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Craig Steele

Digital Skills Education

Conor Bradley

Director, Soft Leaf Studios

Kelli Dunlap

Community Manager, TakeThis


Lucy Holton-Walsh

Community and Events Senior Executive


Christie Garton

 Founder & CEO, 

 1,000 Dreams Fund

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Hack 'N' Jam 23: Judges


Aleksei Kankov

Senior backend developer with more than eight years of experience in software development.


Alexey Sutiagin

R&D team leader with 10+ years of experience building robust services.

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Hack 'N' Jam 23: Session Secordings

Here you can find all of the sessions from Hack 'N' Jam 2023!

Hack 'N' Jam: Opening session
Conor Bradley: Accessibility in Gaming
ProjectSet: How to Build Your CV
Lucy Holton-Walsh: Gaming for Good
Craig Steele: Making interactive and fun educational games
Kelli Dunlap: Mental Health in Video Games
ProjectSet: Level up your personal branding!
BroadcastHER - Accelerating Women in Gaming & Esports
Hack ‘N’ Jam: Game Jam opening session.
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The Offical Hack 'N' Jam Playlist

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