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Unihack 2021

What is Unihack 2021?

UniHack 2022 was a virtual competition for participants to address topical issues and capitalise on current opportunities in the market, in order to promote innovation and change in the worlds of business, tech, and society. This Unihack provided an opportunity for participants to with other like-minded students, develop ideas, be mentored by leading employers, win prizes, and so much more.

Like all of our Unihacks, you do not need any coding or other special skills to join; it is open to all students, no matter what subject you study or how tech-savvy you are!

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The Unihack 2021 tracks!

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Here are the winners and employee partners of Unihack 2022!

Unihack Business, Sponsored by Bupa
1st: Tea Time
2nd: The Hackers
3rd: PineapplePizza

ESG Award :Team Musafir
Unihack Social, Sponsored Bupa
1st: Elgen
2nd: Psycho Criminals
3rd: Froggybots
Unihack Tech, Sponsored by Edwards
1st: Cntrl + Code
2nd: Poost
3rd: !Freedom!

Here are where some of our participants study!

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Want to get involved in our next Unihack? Find out how here!

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