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What is Unihack?

Unihack is an ongoing series of events aimed at students from all backgrounds and fields of study. This yearly event brings students from across the United Kingdom together with the shared goal of creating innovative solutions to problems faced globally.

Unihack is a fantastic opportunity for you to work with other like-minded students, develop ideas, be mentored by leading employers, win prizes, and so much more!

You do not need any coding or other special skills to join UniHack; it is open to all students, no matter what subject you study or how tech-savvy you are!

Check out our previous employer partners for Unihack!
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The Unihack Tracks

UniHack provides three areas of interest for you to get involved in, we call these tracks. The tracks are in place to ensure everyone can take part in the event, as well as to provide varied solutions to be created without a limitation of a topic. 


The three tracks are:

UniHack Biz is the business-orientated track of the hackathon. This track is perfect for those of you that have an idea to revolutionize an industry!

UniHack Social is the track dedicated to making the world a better place. This Track focuses on the impact social changes can make!

UniHack Tech is orientated around using technology to create solutions to solve outstanding issues around the world!

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What do I get out of UniHack?

Here's what you can gain from participating in one of our UniHack events! 

Alongside all of these benefits, you have the opportunity to network and collaborate with fellow students from across the United Kingdom. This opportunity to network and work with new individuals will be a great way of meeting new friends with a shared goal of providing innovative solutions to global issues!  

Below, you can see how many participants we have actively engaged in UniHack. Each person has committed their time and effort to provide new ideas following challenge statements from one of our three tracks!

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Our previous UniHack events!

Explore our previous UniHacks below! 

UniHack 2020

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UniHack 2022

Find out more about Unihack 2022! Click the button below for details

UniHack 2021

FInd out more about UniHack 2021! Click the button below for details

To be announced...

Keep your eyes open for our next Unihack!

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Total Participants

ideas submitted
total time dedicated to making a change (number of students x the rough amount of hours needed to complete a unihack, 100 x 16 hours etc)

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